january 2020

22jan9:00 pmAlison Shearer Band9:00 pm

23jan9:00 pmDel & The Rad Rompers9:00 pm

24jan9:00 pmBout Time Vibes9:00 pm

25jan3:00 pmHot Hand Band3:00 pm

26jan2:30 pmBout Time Vibes2:30 pm

28jan8:00 pmAnthony Fuscaldo Trio8:00 pm

29jan9:00 pmThe Hangovers9:00 pm

30jan9:00 pmThe Dr. Samuel Loomis Trio9:00 pm

31jan9:00 pmBlack Tie Brass9:00 pm

february 2020

01feb3:00 pmTriad Brass Band3:00 pm

01feb10:00 pmDJ Flo Pilot10:00 pm

02feb2:30 pmBout Time Vibes2:30 pm

04feb8:00 pmReed Miller Trio8:00 pm

05feb9:00 pmDel & The Rad Rompers9:00 pm

06feb9:00 pmMoses Patrou Brooklyn Dive Bombers9:00 pm

07feb9:00 pmHudson Horns9:00 pm

08feb3:00 pmSugartone Brass Band3:00 pm

08feb10:00 pmDJ Dimple10:00 pm

09feb2:30 pmBout Time Vibes2:30 pm

11feb8:00 pmLinden St. Productions8:00 pm

12feb9:00 pmKyle Lacey's Wildest9:00 pm

13feb9:00 pmCait & The Critters9:00 pm

14feb9:00 pmBlack Tie Brass Band9:00 pm

15feb3:00 pmDemolition Brass Band3:00 pm

15feb10:00 pmDJ Dimple10:00 pm

16feb2:30 pmBout Time Vibes2:30 pm

18feb8:00 pmSuzette Sunday8:00 pm

19feb9:00 pmDel & The Rad Rompers9:00 pm

20feb9:00 pmBad Business9:00 pm

21feb9:00 pmThe Kerith Renee Band9:00 pm

22feb3:00 pmBlack Tie Brass Band3:00 pm

22feb10:00 pmDJ Nique10:00 pm

23feb2:30 pmBout Time Vibes2:30 pm

24feb8:00 pmOpen Mic Night8:00 pm

25feb8:00 pmVibes A GoGo8:00 pm

26feb9:00 pmSlow Riches9:00 pm

27feb9:00 pmDel & The Rad Rompers9:00 pm

28feb9:00 pmThe Hangovers9:00 pm

29feb3:00 pmTriad Brass Band3:00 pm

29feb10:00 pmDJ Nique10:00 pm