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  • Parties » Please be advised that Radegast hall do not allow for any outside food or drinks. Should you chose to bring an outside dessert, a cake plating fee of $2 for every member of your party will apply. Kindly do not redecorate Radegast for your party. -No Balloons (We promise not to decorate your place)

Eric Francou, Executive Chef


Eric Francou draws upon his culinary training in France, London, Belgium and his Italian ancestry to bring new ideas and flavors to his patrons here at Radegast Hall & Biergarten.

Eric was born in Grenoble, France and as a child spent summers in Rome visiting family, especially his favorite cousin, then Executive Chef at Il Fungo, Andrea Bariccelli. Andrea inspired Eric so much that he decided to change his career path to hotel and restaurant services.

He attended school at Lycee la Jacquiniere in Voreppe, France and trained at restaurants in France and London. He graduated with C.A.P., B.E.P., and baccalaureate degrees in Hotel Management and at the age of twenty, was hired as a chef at Le Petit Mijote, French Bistrot in Lyon.

To further his culinary expertise, Eric enrolled at Ecole des Arts Culinaires et de l'Hotellerie de Lyon in Ecully Lyon, France, where he studied under Master Chef Paul Bocuse, graduating with a Master’s degree at the top of his class.

Eric has worked in top Michelin star restaurants in Europe including Bruneau under Chef Jean Pierre Bruneau in Brussels, Belgium and La Bastide Saint Antoine under Chef Jacques Chibois in Lyon, France.  Additionally, he participated in the 1996 G8 Summit held in Lyon. Before moving to New York City, Eric spent a year in the French military as a private pastry chef for army Colonels.

Beginning his career in New York City at the famous Mad 28, he was promoted within six months from sous chef to Executive Chef, where he remained for eight years. In 2003, he was named in the Top 25 Chefs in North America by La Cucina Italiana magazine. In early 2010, Eric left for Baku, Azerbaijan and was hired as a chef consultant opening up two restaurants in the span of six months.

In 2011, Radegast Hall and Biergarten was fortunate enough to have Eric Francou take on the role as our Executive Chef, where he continues to produce quality dishes using only local and seasonal ingredients with poise and excellence.